Most Innovative People Award for Most Inspiring Ideas

Belgian is one of ten global luminaries honoured at the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. (WSIE)

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, April 3rd 2008

During the World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, which was held in Dubai this year, Byron Soulopoulos (°1975, Antwerp) was honoured for his inspiring and innovative ideas that will shape the future of the world.

To his already impressive resume he can now add the prestigious “Most Innovative People Award for Most Inspiring Ideas” of the WSIE.

Drawn from a pool of almost 1,000 icons, geniuses and mavericks, the Most Innovative People were honoured with trophies designed by renowned Spanish sculptor, Fernando Capa Sanz

The award winners for 2008:

Name / Function / Award
Paul Kagame / President Ruanda / Award for Innovation for Peace
Desmond Tutu / Arch Bishop South-Africa / Award for Human Greatness
Hamda Harizi / Founder Gourmet House / Award for Remarkable Enterprises
Samuel J. Palmisano / CEO IBM / Award for Technology Innovation
Ashok Soota / Chairman & Managing Director MindTree Consulting / Award for Knowledge Innovation
Neil Turok / Founder African Institute for Mathematical Sciences / Award for Social Innovation
Padmasree Warrior / Chief Technology Officer Cisco Systems / Award for Women Mavericks
Innovivor Team lead by Byron Soulopoulos / CEO Brian Tracy Benelux Management Training / Award for Most Inspiring Ideas
Marc Yu / Musical prodigy / Award for Amazing Minds
Sultan bin Sulayem / Chairman Nakheel / Award for Blue Innovation

The criteria for the awards were:
• Foresight: Envisages the 'big idea' that transforms inventions into innovations.
• Courage: Inspires a track record of upholding the ideals of innovation-confidence, compassion, humility, honesty, integrity, and diligence to honor endless obligations.
• Benevolence: Causes an indelible effect in imparting a sense of significance, community, and loftier meaning.
• Connected Leadership: Imparts real leadership to build the future generation of leaders, peace ambassadors, and spiritual agents of change worldwide.
• Execution Intelligence: Enables changes across all parts of the public/private sector brain by synergizing execution strategies with its emotional and spiritual qualities.

Sam Hamdan, Chairman of Global Leadership Team and the Architect of WSIE, said:
"The 2008 WSIE has brought together top artists, policymakers, technologists, humanitarians and chief executives from 70 nations to celebrate the achievements of the Most Innovative People worldwide and their long-term commitment to creating a new generation of products, services, experiences that have shaped the future state of the world."

About the Innovivor Team:
Byron Soulopoulos took the lead in creating five innovative solutions with a global impact, along with 15 other extraordinary men and women with different cultural, religious and social background from all over the world.

The most important concepts that came about were:
• Branding “Peace”.
• The innovation passport.
• An Innovation Academy for Peace.
• An online community for peace
• Presenting life-altering experiences.

About WSIE:
The World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship (WSIE) is a non-profit initiative that weaves together the brilliant thoughts of the most remarkable people for the purpose of using innovation as the catalyst for competitiveness and peace. The WSIE focuses primarily on developing the future pipeline of responsible entrepreneurs and innovators by spurring collaborative insights, inspiring actions and unlimited possibilities for innovation across all parts of business, society and government.