Change Acceptance Process

In life we're confronted with change every day. The faster you can embrace this change, the faster you can move on the the next change. Every change means growth.
1. Shock
People go into shock at the first glance of change. This might be just a breath or it might take weeks. Depenting of the frequency you're confronted with change and the magnitude of the change.
2. Denial
Then people will deny the change and pretend it didn't happen or that they are not impacted by this change.
3. Anger at 'others'
Employees tend to blame the management for this change.
4. Anger at 'self'
Then they start thinking of what they did wrong for this change to impact them.
5. Depression
A period of depression will kick in and this will consume energy out of these people.
*. Let Go and Get Going
In this phase you motivate your people an how this change will benifit them.
6. Acceptance/Testing
Now your people are accepting the change and testing how this change is benifitting them.
7. Integration and moving on
Your people have integrated the change and are moving on ready for the next change.

Some people go very fast thru these change process and some take a long time. Successful people fly thru these phases and look for the next change comming their way. They're prepared and recognise these phases so they can react in a more successful way to change.