Taking the first step

Friday April 27th 2007 I was invited by my good friend Sebastian Kotow to the Brian Tracy LIVE seminar on Maximum Achievement in Warsaw, Poland.
I saw Brian Tracy LIVE in 2004 in Knokke, Belgium. It was very good to see him again at this point in my life.

I also had the opportunity to have lunch with Brian Tracy and Ib Moller (his right hand man, in the picture). Later that day I was invited to have dinner at Grzegorz Pytkowski's home together with Brian Tracy, Ib Mollor, Marek Stelmaszak, Krzysztof Litwinski and Sebastian Kotow. (They represented Brian Tracy Poland)

It was so valueble to also have some face-to-face time with this outstanding peergroup that I decided to take the first step.

I wrote down my goal and action list to create that outcome. (Later in this blog I'll teach you how to do that for yourself)

And then I decided to publish my progress in this blog so other people can follow my progress and learn in a step to step approach hou to become a millionair.

It is very importaint to be congruant. So, if I can do it so can you!
Are you ready for this journey?